About chl.li

Chl.li is a simple, modern, free and privacy-friendly URL shortener.

Chl.li does not track nor store any personal information. The only data we store when you create a short link are the following:

  • the long URL
  • the short code (chl.li/xxxx)
  • the date created
  • the expiry date (if one has been set)

That's it.

Since we deeply care about privacy, chl.li does not track who, when or where someone clicked on a shortened link.

Thank you for using chl.li!

Made by Vincent.

Do you want to quickly shorten the link for the site you are currently on? Click and drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar.

Once this is on your toolbar, you'll be able to shorten a URL at the click of a button. By clicking on the 'shorten url' bookmark, a chl.li link will be created for the page you are currently at.